New App: Little Explorers


Everything your kids need to know about the world in one app

Teach your kids about the many beautiful things of the world with the Little Explorers app for IOS. Little Explorers for iPhone and iPad is filled with fun and engaging games, videos, and adventures that let kids explore animals, dinosaurs, music, fashion costumes, geography, flags, cities.....

If we have some apps to enjoy discovering our planet... why the new Llittle Explorers?

Little Explorers features a lot of apps in one. It contains tons of exciting HD images, videos, and games that keep your children entertained for hours while teaching them about life around the globe. And offer new games everyday and new content everyweek to keep the app growing with new content, and with the feedback we have added you can choose which content do you want us to develop.

Llittle explorers, track your child’s progress , save your kid’s favorites to replay the most appreciated games, create your child’s own passport and achieve goals ... and remember: Infinite content with new games every day !

This app has FREE content with Inappurchases, with no third-party ads and available in 13 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Catalan, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Polish