Why should your children be into geography?


There has never been a better or more important time to learn about geography. First of all we must understand the breadth of the study of geography; that it is much more than reading maps and memorizing facts. It is the study of earth's landscapes, people, places and environments; and it is essential knowledge for your children to have in order to be successful in the 21st century. Thus, here you are five reasons why we, as parents, should encourage our children to learn geography:

Spatial thinking is one of the most important skills that children can develop as they learn geography. It will help your children to recognize spatial distributions at all scales — local and worldwide —, and with this knowledge, they are going to understand the complex connectivity of people and places. In fact, if your children develop good spatial thinking skills, they will be at an advantage in our increasingly global and technological society. 

In the second place, how are children supposed to understand the news if they don’t know geography? Knowing geography helps put current events in context. However, geography not only puts current events in perspective, it helps them understand history. A person can’t understand World War II without understanding the roles of the continental Russian Winter or the English Channel. Geography shapes the course of world history. Do you want your children to better understand history? So, introduce them to geography. Besides, it is linked to success in math and science.

Moreover, geography’s study of people, places, and environments, and the connections among them is vital for navigating our rapidly changing and interconnected contemporary world. By learning geography, your children can obtain the necessary knowledge and skills about this world in a systematic and comprehensive framework.

Apart from this, inevitably, anything concerning geography will involve human behaviour, and the extent to which this behaviour differs in regards to the environment. So, by studying the geography of a country, they can start to understand why certain cultures farm certain crops, or why a particular set of people design their houses in a particular way. Owing to this, your children will have cultural awareness.

Finally, don’t forget that geography is more than maps. Geography’s about knowing what’s where, why it’s there, and why it matters. Knowing geography will make their life more interesting, more exciting, and more fun.

As you have seen there are many reasons why our children should be into geography. This is why we have developed Planet Geo. It is a fantastic app with activities and information for children and teens to learn about the world around us. With continent-themed puzzles to solve, cities to find, national flags and anthems to uncover, it also features games with facts, information and images of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites from around the world.

If you would like to help your kids discover the world and learn geography – be sure to check out Planet Geo!