Personalized adaptive learning for your educative tools

With the will to create a unique product for each player.
At Planet Factory we continue to innovate and one of our next goals is to integrate a system with artificial intelligence into our products to make our tool even more fun and effective.
In the new evolution of applications, you will benefit from the latest advances in adaptive and personalized learning and will become a unique tool for each player thanks to the incorporation of Machine Learning.
The activities, levels and games will be adapted to the level of your little ones and the speed at which they learn. But not only the levels, but you can also modify the rewards, the pace and the challenges depending on the parameters that are collected.
All data collection is done anonymously and following the data protection regulations, we will not know who your child is, we will know how he plays and what he needs.
In addition, we will also offer a special section for families or schools where they can find weekly information with progress reports, profiles, complementary activities and even printable activities to work without screens.
All these exponential improvements will not only be able to be used in our products, but once tested, it will be marketed to be able to apply it to other educational products.